The Italian work permit scheme is administered regionally, so implementation differs significantly depending on the exact destination within Italy.

Italian work permits must be sponsored by an Italian company. They cannot be applied for directly by a potential employee or by an agency.

Processing times vary between regions, but the average is about two months.


Work permits in Malaysia are generally obtained by the employer. If you own a company and want to hire a foreigner, be prepared for a long process.

Employees and their families who come to Malaysia, who did not obtain a work permit before arrival, are allowed to enter the country with social passes and to apply for work permit after. Malaysia imposes strict penalties on illegal workers, it is highly recommended not to start work before the work permit is issued.

The dependents of work permit holders must apply for work permits themselves, if they want to work in Malaysia.

Requirements for work permits

In order to obtain a work permit, the passport must have a remaining validity of at least 18 months. The foreigner who comes to work from Spain must be 27 years or older (except in the field of Information Technology, where the minimum age is 23). Work permits are usually issued for periods of between six months and five years.

For employers, any information related to the process of visa requirements or required forms, is available on the official website of the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

Depending on the type of work and skills, the individual steps in obtaining a work permit are published.

  • Employment Pass: This pass is issued to employees with specific skills, usually for technical work. The minimum period is usually 2 years.
  • Temporary Employment Pass: Issued for employment under 2 years or jobs with a monthly salary of less than RM 5000.
  • Professional Visit Pass: Issued to foreigners employed by the company in the country of origin, but bound by a Malaysian company to provide certain services for a period of up to six months.

Dubai (UAE)

Fuelled by the deliberate diversification of income from oil to other sectors such as construction, infrastructure, telecommunications and healthcare, Dubai is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The opportunity to work, within an international community, on dream projects is a huge draw for people from all over the world, looking not only to make their fortune here but also to further their careers.