Living and Working in Cyprus

If you are coming to live & work in Cyprus from abroad, please find some useful information which will assist you in settling down.

Working in Cyprus should be a fun, safe and enjoyable experience. The quality of life on the island is excellent and English is spoken throughout Cyprus.

Basic Points to Note

It is important to remember to take enough money with you to allow you to live for the first 2 to 4 weeks. It is very unlikely your employer will pay you in advance, therefore, ensure you either have a credit card or enough cash available until you receive your first pay packet. You will need to pay for your initial day-to-day living expenses.

Medical Care

The standard of hospitals and medical care in Cyprus is very high and on a par with any modern European country. Most doctors have received their training either in the UK or the USA, therefore, communication won’t be a problem for you.

All EU countries have a reciprocal health scheme arrangement with Cyprus, which means you are entitled to free or reduced cost medical treatment. Before you depart be sure to obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) – this can be obtained from your home country’s health authority.

Telephone Calls / Communication

When you arrive in Cyprus purchase a local Pay-As-You-Go SIM card to use in your mobile phone. You can find these at all supermarkets, small grocery shops and kiosks. The cost of calls both internally in Cyprus and even abroad are between 50% – 75% cheaper than most European countries.

If you wish to communicate via the Internet you will find many Internet cafes all over each town with modern broadband connections.

Getting Paid & Bank Accounts

Firstly – you won’t need to open a bank account.

Depending on your employer, you will get paid either weekly or monthly. Some will pay in cash and others by cheque. If you get paid by cheque all you need to do is go to any local bank (they are on every street corner), with your passport, sign the cheque on the back and they will instantly cash it for you there and then.

Supermarkets / Food Shopping

Every town has numerous supermarkets, grocery shops and small kiosks, which open 7 days per week catering for all your needs. They are everywhere so you should not have any issues shopping for your day-to-day supplies.


Cyprus boasts 330 days of sunshine a year, the weather is almost guaranteed! Have a look at the average monthly temperatures the island enjoys.


The first language is Greek, however, nearly everybody speaks English. English is the second language and you will find 95% of people speak it extremely well and business is often conducted in English. Road signs are all in English as well as in Greek. In all shops and restaurants you will find items are described both in Greek and English, therefore, there will be no problems with communication.

Cyprus offers an extensive array of leisure facilities on your days off. Beautiful beaches, water parks, cinemas, clubs, bars, restaurants all affordable and easy to get to. Find out more about how to spend your leisure time in Cyprus.


The local currency in Cyprus is the Euro.


Cyprus has one of the highest qualities of lifestyles in Europe as well as one of the most generous taxation systems in Europe. You do not pay tax on the first €20,000 you earn in any one tax year, therefore in all probability you will not pay any tax whilst you are working in Cyprus. In other words all your earnings are likely to be TAX FREE!


Many of our employers provide accommodation as part of the total salary package, however, you may prefer to find your own accommodation particularly if you are a couple working for different employers or a group of friends.

The quality of rented accommodation is generally far superior to the equivalent in many other European countries. For instance: a studio apartment which can sleep 2 peoples, will cost in the region of €250.00 per month. Therefore if you are sharing, your rental will be approximately €125.00 each.

Many apartment blocks often have communal swimming pools and some even offer a weekly maid and laundry service.


Within the catering and leisure industry the normal working week is 6 days per week, 8 hours per day; however this can vary from one employer to the other. Depending on your own level of experience and age, as well as the type of job, salaries will also vary. Below are average examples of what you can expect to earn. Some salaries may be lower and others higher than the examples shown below:

  • Waiter/Waitress: Salary packages range between €700 – €1000 (including tips) per month
  • Cook: Salary packages range between €850 – €1600 per month depending on level and experience
  • Spa Therapist: Salary packages range between €800 – €1500 (including tips) per month